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Build the first WELL Certified Building in Hungary.

Budapest Business Journal: WELL Accreditation reflects concerns with interiors


The Independent WELL AP in Hungary.

The First WELL Faculty of Hungary

Source: Regina Kurucz

The WELL Building Standard is revolutionizing the way people think about buildings. It explores how design, operations and behaviors within the places where we live, work, learn and play can be optimized to advance human health and well-being.

Employers can play a critical role by leveraging the workplace environment to recruit and retain the best talent, reduce absenteeism and improve the satisfaction and productivity of their employees.

WELL is premised on a holistic view of health. Covering ten core concepts of health and hundreds of features, WELL is a flexible building standard and represents the future of modern design. The evidence-based WELL Building Standard aspires to advance healthy buildings for all.



In the new version of WELL the concepts have been organized into ten-plus-one concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind, Community, plus Innovations.

WELL Certification is provided by US based IWBI (International WELL Building Institute) and GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.). To date, WELL has enrolled more than 830 projects encompassing over 155 million square feet of real estate in 32 countries worldwide. In Europe nearly 190 projects across 13 countries are engaged with WELL, representing 25% of global WELL project square footage.

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"As humans, we have always been dependent on our environments to nurture and sustain us. We rise with the sun, we eat off the land, we make shelter of stones and trees. We need water, air and light to survive. We need good water, good air and good light to thrive."


4th WELL AP of Hungary

My WELL Experience:

      • 2020 senior consultant of 7 registered buildings

      • Fall 2019 The First WELL Building Conference in Budapest, Hungary (Duologue on WELL and WELL Roundtable)

      • Spring 2019 14.000 m2 Office building in Budapest, Váci street, report of WELL process

      • April 2019 WELL contemporary art gallery with Szilárd Cseke artist, CCA Contemporary Collectors Academy (Gajzágó György) and Rugógyár Galéria (Iványi-Bitter Brigitta)

      • from Fall 2018 ongoing: introducing WELL to the office Bánáti+Hartvig Architects

      • Fall 2018 Host of WELL workshop at HuGBC Green week @BH

Continuous learning:

      • First WELL Faculty of Hungary (2020)

      • IWBI webinars, 34 reported CE hours

      • Spring 2019 WELL v2 workshop by Joseph Marfi @HuGBC

      • Fall 2017 WELL Green talk by Joseph Marfi @HuGBC

WELL Building Standard Measures Health of Buildings