WELL Rainbow rising over Europe

WELL Europe 2019 September

Foto Credit: www.iwbi.com - Interface Office France, Europe - WELL Certified Gold

Rainbows are marvelous.

The rainbow shows the end of the rain and darkness, opening a gate to sunshine and light. Sometimes we have to realize that the way we are doing things need enhancement. Innovation shows us new tools and new habits, so we can live a healthier and more productive life, with more passion and strong communities.

WELL is like a rainbow

above the built environment.

And it is growing! 43!

(Remember, with our spaceship we have just passed 42 - the answer to life, the universe and everything!)

The number of WELL certified buildings has doubled last year in Europe: there have been 19 WELL buildings last September and

there are already 43 WELL certified buildings in Europe in September 2019.

The lion's share is in France (15), the Netherlands (8) and the United Kingdom (7).

A sound human dwells

in a sound environment.

Let me mention every country that has made the first steps on the road to healthy buildings and communities: Spain (5), Ireland (2), Poland (2), Sweden (1), Finland (1), Italy (1) and the Czech Republic (1). There are countries, e.g. Hungary, that have WELL Precertified buildings.

Is WELL going to break through in the European property market?

An increase by 126% in 12 months - every manager would love this number!

"Dreams fueled by a desire to do good have a way of breaking through, like a seed bursting out and finding cracks in the concrete to reach the light. There are no deadlines to materialize dreams. They take their own time and shape, so relax and focus only on doing the deep work. Nothing else."

Anita Doron, filmmaker

What can be more enchanting than a rainbow?

A twin rainbow!

Set the double goal of environmental sustainability and wellbeing for people. Leadership projects aim for both LEED/BREEAM and WELL certification.

Well, good bye and thanks for the fish!

Regina Kurucz, WELL AP