WELL Europe 2020 Q1 Report

A sound mind in a sound building

7 new WELL Gold Certified projects in Europe!

"Push yourself, not the button." :)

Quarter by quarter I deliver you the new WELL Certified Buildings in Europe.

My heart started to beat faster, switching to jogging mode, as I discovered that one of the new WELL buildings is ASICS Europe B.V in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands (Go Run It B.V) with a 12.500 m2 Headquarter. (1,2)

How cool is this:

"We took ASICS' mission statement - 'a sound mind in a sound body' - and gave it a physical form by developing a new regional HQ that proactively stimulates a healthy and sustainable life- and workstyle." (3)

They promote the use of stairs instead of using the elevator, so this is what you can read at the elevator: "Push yourself, not the button. - Taking the stairs promotes fitness and conserves electricity." (2)

Credit: ASICS HQ Certified WELL Gold (2)

Another surprise project for me was Sevilla Fashion Outlet certified WELL Gold in Sevilla, Spain, because there are still few retail projects certified. (4)

The Praga Studios office building awaits its colleagues with a virtual reception and mood lighting. (5)

As a leader for Lighting Intelligence, Helvar (Etelä-Suomi, Finland) has taken an important step to develop a workspace beyond lighting, with wellbeing at the heart of all decisions. (6)

To sum up:

7 new projects achieved WELL Certification in the past 3 months in Europe.

Credit: Helvar Certified WELL Gold (6)

This means that there are already 62 WELL Certified buildings on our continent. Interesting fact, that all seven buildings have been certified GOLD. New Gold projects in: The Netherlands (2), Spain (2), Finland (1), the UK (1) and the Czech Republic (1). Congratulation!

Regina Kurucz

Architect, WELL AP & Faculty